A Training Department working in close association with the Human Resource department plans and organizes different Training modules and programs for the entire Field Force and personnel at the Head Office. These trainings are conducted both internally (In-house sessions by both company and/or independent sponsored speakers) and externally (where team members are asked to attend trainings and workshops of repute relevant to their jobs and for further grooming their required skills at a place not under the umbrella of Barrett Hodgson Institutions).

On board of Barrett Hodgson Pakistan, we have 4 Meeting Halls, the main objective of which is to conduct different departmental trainings, workshops and programs to generate motivation within the teams. These Training Halls include Rose room, Marketing & Sales Room, I.T. Hall and Orchid Room.

To facilitate in-house Training and Development of the BHP members on a larger magnitude; gatherings and seminars are also conducted in the specially purpose built Auditorium which can accommodate 200 participants at a time.