With the mission to maintain its entrepreneurial posture while remaining sympathetic to the ailing humanity, Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (owned by The Salim Habib Education Foundation) is striving persistently in the field of pharmaceutical, education and philanthropy alike. No wonder Barrett Hodgson Pakistan today ranks among top 15 in around 700 pharmaceutical companies and that too with a healthy growth exceeding the industry growth.

We are present in the healthcare sector with more than 100 brands and over 240 formulations. What’s more, 24 of these brands are leaders in their respective molecules. It is almost impossible to find a doctor, or even a patient in the respective category, to not have come across products like Cefspan, Febrol, Cipotic-D, Inocef or Alphagan etc. Some of these brands are an entity themselves!

Barrett Hodgson Pakistan boasts a field force of more than 1100 highly motivated members and the overall employees stand at an astonishing 2300 BHP family members. We are increasing the production area by 40% and doubled the warehouse while catering to the needs of the future. We have extended the Cephalosporin area for powder filling and created a new state of the art liquid production area. There is no stopping us, as we continue to strive on. We have already added new hi-tech machines in our arsenal to cater to the growing requirements efficiently. At present a new Sterile Building and Tablet Area are under construction.

BHP is focused on giving every individual a complete coverage and adding value to their lives in every sense of its meaning. While catering to almost all the medicinal categories and specialties with quality products at affordable prices; The Salim Habib Education Foundation is head over heels to ensure that they give back to the deprived nation with quality education and health facilities, even in the remote areas. While Barrett Hodgson University, Salim Habib Campus in Karachi is the first step to an enlightened Pakistan, another project on almost the same lines was completed and is now running smoothly in Toba Tek Singh (the birth city of the Chairman). The second project known as Barrett Hodgson College, Chaudhry Wali Muhammad Campus is now operational and in its third year with more than 600 students.

With five business partners including AstraZeneca, Astellas, Allergan, LTL Pharma Co. Ltd. and The Aenova Group that has already proven their mettle globally, one can easily understand the quality and the level that is being ensured to meet the standards and parameters that are required by any multinational of substance. These even include stringent standard maintenance and timely audits so that we can remain as crystal in our functioning as we claim.

Today with turnover of more than Rs.11 Billion and aiming for Rs.20 Billion, we are not ready to stop, wait or celebrate our accomplishments like that. We are here to grow, expand and continue serving the mankind with the best of our abilities and whatever resources we have. We are here to create a difference in the life of every Pakistani.