To cater the needs and shoulder the ever growing demands and targets, each and every department wants to put forward their best effort. The Production Department plays a significant role in producing the required quantity of different medicines in different forms and makes it available as per the requirements of the Marketing Departments and on the ground Sales team members.

As we continue to dream big, it translates into expansion in the field force, personnel, implementation of new systems, catering to new technologies, adopting efficient processes and acquiring new machines, buildings and lands. The expansion of the Production department on drastic level, which is already under process, thus becomes very critical to the company. Each independent Production unit such as Liquid, Solid, Sterile and Cephalosporin Area is an entity by itself.

While keeping in view the growing requirements for next 10-15 years, we have increased the capacity of the Manufacturing & Packaging Area by a number of folds. On the other hand the new state-of-the-art, independent Liquid Manufacturing Area has already started functioning. Expansion of the independent Tablet area has also increased the production.

Construction of the New Sterile Area has initiated following latest GMP guidelines, the layout of which is approved by the Licensing Board of DRAP. The Sterile Area includes new Hi-Tech European Autoclave machines, Hi-Tech systems of HVAC and complete ampoule and vials filling machines.

Furthermore, as per latest HVAC requirement the extension of the Tablet Area is boosted by addition of 12 Air Handling Units and 7 Dehumidifiers, New Granulation Suite, high speed blistering with Autocartoning machines, and labeling machines are being added or are already part of the system to upgrade the overall production facility of the Barrett Hodgson Pakistan.

To ensure continuous power supply and meet the ever-increasing machinery requirements, an independent Power House is also operational. The Power House hordes the Electricity generation system which is capable of providing backup to the whole Production and Administration building round-the-clock. The new Power House will meet company’s requirement for the next 12-15 years.

We strictly adhere to the latest GMP practices. We are audited regularly not only by the local authorities but also by our International partners.

The new machines that are already added or are in the pipeline to be installed in the near future will remarkably improve the capacity and efficiency of the Production Department to cater the ever growing needs of our company.