It gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction while penning down my thoughts for this newer updated version of the Barrett Hodgson Pakistan's website.

Under the guiding light and dynamic leadership of Dr M S Habib, Barrett Hodgson Pakistan blossomed in the last 22 years and is well on its way to achieve unprecedented height of success. We always emphasize on serving the nation with dedication, while keeping the ethical and moral values intact, cruising in the right direction achieving one goal after another.

Barrett Hodgson Company started the business back in 1996. As we continue to surpass many milestones, we added yet another feather to our decorated cap when we closed this year achieving Rs.11.28 Billion which motivated us to aim for our next milestone, Rs.20 Billion mark. Today we are proud to boast more than 100 brands with 240 formulations in our portfolio catering to different therapeutic specialties. I am very proud of each and every employee of the company for their dedicated professional work ethics. I appreciate their tremendous energies and commitment towards our common goal.

With so much happening around us and with overwhelming expansion of manufacturing facilities, we are proud to be the first Pharmaceutical company to launch the latest version of SAP S/4 HANA. My very first slogan for the company “Speed is the Essence of Business” still remains critical and fundamental. There is continuous expansion in every department especially, expansion of the independent manufacturing facilities in production department has played a major role in supporting not only our current sales but to cater the ever growing demands in years to come.

We have recently purchased another 2 acres of land to diversify our business in this competitive environment. Whatever we earn from the company goes to the The Salim Habib Education Foundation, where our hard earned money is spent on educating Pakistani children. The Barrett Hodgson University is focussed mainly on science subjects so as to cater this highly needed field with 21 scientific laboratories fully equipped with modern and updated instruments. Seeing is believing, will provide you the feel of our passion towards Quality education and educating the deserving youth of Pakistan.

With all my best wishes.

Pakistan Zindabad BHP Paindabad.
Dated: 2019