A robust team of more than 1100 foot-soldiers spread across Pakistan, works under their Area Manager who reports to their Regional Heads. These Regional Heads work under the direct supervision of the Deputy Commercial Directors who are responsible for their respective therapeutic divisions, while reporting to the Executive Director, Commercial.

This entire network of the Sales Team is strategically interwoven in such a manner to guarantee Horizontal and Vertical optimization while tapping into each and every city, district, village and street of Pakistan. The Sales Team visits doctors, private clinics, government and private hospitals, dispensaries and even helps to organize patient’s awareness camps to CME programs.

The Sales Team members are well supported by the Field Excellence Managers (FEMs) who identify any possible gaps and recommend timely solutions to ensure streamline working of the Sales Officer in the field. Sales Admin Department facilitates the Sales Team from the Head Office especially with reference to any corporate documentation.


A highly educated, creative and vigilant team of leaders are a part of a very well organized Marketing Department. The managers look after different categories of pharmaceutical products divided in different divisions and manage their brand portfolios in line with the corporate business strategies and guidelines.

Marketing department is responsible for more than 100 brands and more than 240 formulations. They develop and recommend objectives, promotional strategies, prepare annual budget, forecast and promotional plans for allocated products.

Marketing department ensures streamline availability of the Marketing tools for the field force, availability of updated studies, academic activities and campaigns; both promotional or for awareness of patients and doctors.

The team conducts field visits across the country throughout the year. Team also conducts refresher courses and regular trainings of the field force to groom their overall knowledge of their products and the relevant disease.

The prime focus of the Marketing Department is to ensure Continuous Medical Education for the doctors and medical staff; and disease and health related awareness campaigns for patient’s benefits. We participate in academic events and different scientific conferences to support CMEs.


Business Development team comprises of enthusiastic people working in synchronization to extend their activities across different departments, including sales, marketing, R&D and product management.

Networking, negotiations, partnerships, and cost-savings efforts are the ardent tools of our BD team. All the different departments and their actions are driven by and aligned to the business development goals.

The core responsibilities involves the identification of market needs and requirements, gathering pertinent information, evaluation and analyzing information, which helps in promoting the company’s performance. Suggesting initiatives to drive business and development of new business opportunities, and helping in the fruitful achievement of the initiatives.

We believe that our success lies in our ability to develop market proficient strategies where both industry and society benefit in a sustainable way. We are always heading for long-term business relationships with local and international Pharmaceutical companies. Endlessly striving to work with partners that match our values, work ethics and commitment to patients. We regard partnership and collaboration as an integral part of our business strategy.


An enthusiastic mix of young and experienced personnel at our in-house Creative Department supports the Marketing Team with all the designing and preparation of promotional material of their marketing campaigns, activities and conferences. They prepare the artwork, analyze the design and finalize the packaging material for all the products of the company. They also play a pivotal role in the overall management of the corporate events of the company.

The Department is further classified based on the following expertise:

1. Event Management

2. Printing and Packaging

3. Designing

4. Concept Generation & Content Writing

5. Social Media Marketing


Highly professional and energetic team of Marketing Services Department collaborates in arranging corporate events like Annual Sales Conferences, Quarterly Promotional Meetings, Product Launch Trainings, Sales meetings and all kind of corporate meetings / trainings along with the entire logistics and accommodation arrangements.

ISO related documentation process of marketing department and support in ISO audit of marketing department is provided by MSD. The department also ensures timely availability of the promotional tools to the field force.


The SSP department manages Integrated database which enables greater flexibility in meeting the information needs of all levels of management. They manage technical tools like SAS (Sales Analysis System), PIMS (Promotional Input Management System) and platforms (M3 Tech), including ICRMs (integrated customer relationship management platforms ECR-Electronic Call Reporting and BH Connect). SSP also conduct research, monitoring and reporting sales and ICRMs information.

SSP manages sales representative incentives and subscriber identity module (SIM’s) related matters including allotting and complains. They provide for any necessary data, reports and presentations to the marketing and sales team. SSP use internal data along with sales, stocks and transit data to compile replenishment.

SSP manages promotional and sales tracking tools and report on important information. They ensure that sales persons are on track with sales metrics of their targets.