Remaining abreast of current challenges, the Supply Chain Department of BHP strives all-out to be responsive, competitive, ethical, proactive, effective and efficient in delivering goods and services to all functions of the company.

We believe and promote logical approach in handling tasks, with strenuous hard work, fueled by integrity, sincerity and empathy in the coordinated efforts of interlinked functions to deliver at par.

Regular assessment of factors involved in the short and long term risks in the continuity and security of the supply chain; stimulates the proactive mitigation strategies to ensure risk-free smooth supplies at all times.

To improve core competencies of the team we plan regular trainings of the team members on general management and job specific topics.

The Supply Chain Department caters the Procurement, Product Planning and Control, Material stores, Distribution, and logistic functions of the company.

Procurement Department

By virtue of blend of young and experienced procurement team, the promise of on-time delivery of goods and services is realized on a continuous basis with focus on proactive planning, effective control and prompt execution of orders through suppliers who are our strategic partners.

At BHP, the procurement department follows an approved purchase policy which guides all stake-holders to follow and translate the vision of our management in letter and spirit.

We give a fair, open and equal chance of competition to our suppliers to deliver.

Every member in the procurement department and purchase committee discloses conflicts of interest (COI) to nullify or mitigate chances of bias in the procurement cycle with focus on the principles of ethical practices following ABAC guidelines while procuring and / or importing stock and non-stock items.

We have in place a well-defined supplier qualification procedure for the induction of new suppliers and evaluation of approved suppliers by way of on-site and off-site audits being conducted at regular intervals to ensure quality inputs to produce cost-effective quality products appreciated by our patrons around Pakistan.

We not only evolve in ways to improve deliverance but also enlighten our suppliers to improve their functions by way of trainings and also by detailing them BHP’s expectations.

PPC - Production Planning and Control

Undertaking the pivotal role of a bridge between Commercial, Procurement, Production and Distribution functions, PP & C department at BHP ensures on-time quality product delivery; takes lead of forecast from Commercial, strategizes the required inputs through Procurement, plans day-to-day Production activities for timely delivery of goods in Warehouse.

We strive to maintain dynamic par levels of all materials in Raw, WIP and Finished Goods’ warehouses depending upon the past sales trends of individual products, seasonal impact on certain products and ever changing and dynamic global scenarios.

Our qualified and experienced team work hand-in-hand with commercial department to anticipate rolling sales of products in the short and long run, to translate the available information into current and future capacities and estimate the constraints in delivering of products, which ultimately help the support departments to plan dynamic production schedules and procure machines to cater future needs.

A balance of automation and available work force is maintained and coordinated to ensure smooth product flows optimizing the efficient utilization of available resources

Stores and Distribution Department

Under the umbrella of Supply Chain Department, the Stores and Distribution Department is sub-divided into Material stores (Raw /Packaging), Finished Goods Warehouse, Distribution department, Promotional Material Store and Central store.

We ensure proper handling of stocks under right conditions depending upon the individual products’ safety data, at required temperatures and in safe custody, managed by a team of well-qualified and experienced personnel.

Our prime objective goes beyond simple delivery of the goods to our 72 Trade distributors and more than 50 Institutional dealers – we strive hard to make our products available to our partners at right place, at right time and in right condition.

We are continuously evolving our practices, finding gaps in our systems viz the guidelines advocated by the Current Warehouse and Distribution Practices, thereby enhancing our efficiencies, safety and security of our staff, machines, products and structure.